Equine Veterinary Clinic

Dr Magid’s equine veterinary clinic in Bertram, Texas has four regular sized 12 by 12 stalls and one 12 by 16 foaling stall plus an office and tack room, and a work area for the pharmacy and sinks. Each stall has a dutch door to its outside pen, which is made of reinforced, safe vinyl.

Dr Magid ensures his visiting equine patients are comfortable during their stay by providing hot water, excellent ventilation, refreshing breezes and a Portacool portable swamp cooler to keep horses and clients comfortable in the summer heat. Tight doors and radiant portable heat keep patients and owners comfortable during the winter.

Dr Magid's equine dental treatment

Dr Magid’s equine dentistry work

We have a great place to put the stocks indoors for working on animals, a wash rack, round pens and a regulation dressage arena with jumps, both with rubberized footing. The dressage arena and round pen are used for lameness work-ups. There are hard, soft, and intermediate surfaces available for lameness exams.

We have six smooth wire fenced paddocks for turn out and grazing, each with their own shelter.

Dr Magid - equine hernia surgery

Dr Magid performing equine hernia surgery

In the barn Dr Magid has excellent facilities to take radiographs, inject joints without risk of contamination by wind and dust, do endoscopy, run IV fluids, flush joints, do standing or general anesthesia surgeries, including tooth extraction, cryptorchid and regular castrations, hernia repairs, and many other soft tissue surgeries.  It is also ideal for performing more complex opthalmic procedures.

The foaling and colic stalls are equipped with monitors so that Dr Magid can observe and monitor patients over the internet at all times from any location. In addition, his wife Brenda, Beverly, or the assistants are on-site to watch horses under ICU care.
Dr Magid uses portable panels and a portable cattle chute to provide an efficient cattle handling set up . Usually, this is available at short notice.